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[31 Aug 2007|01:45pm]

103,41 КБ

NOFX, B1, MoscowCollapse )
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First Russian Show Ever!!!Hip-Hip Hooray!!! [19 Jul 2007|11:06pm]

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Get a punk band on warped tour [15 Mar 2007|12:58am]

Just like every other band in the country right now...mine is looking for votes on our Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands page to get on warped tour.

If you're into fast skate punk type stuff like NOFX, Strung Out, Bigwig, Propagandhi, MxPx...etc then you can check out our shit at www.myspace.com/thedownandoutsri and if you like it then you can click the banner below to give us a vote.

If you choose to vote then don't forget to check your email for the confirmation message so you can confirm your vote.

Even if you didn't listen and you've got 3 spare minnutes...PLEASE just give us a vote. This would be huge for us. Thanks.

PS...I'm cross-posting this so if this isnt allowed in whatever community this is being read in then please delete it.
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[08 Jun 2006|07:09pm]
NOFX - Wolves in Wolves' Clothing Review
Click on the CD cover to read it!

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NOFX Mixtape [06 Apr 2006|02:25pm]

Listen to the Triple J Nofx mixtape here: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/music_specials/s1607050.htm

Check out Jay and the Doctor's interview with Fat Mike too.
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[28 Mar 2006|01:12pm]

A punk, a rabbi, and a republican walk into a bar. They seat themselves as far away from one another as possible. The bartender asks the punk for his order. "One shot of whiskey." The bartender smiles and says "one shot of whiskey coming right up." As the bartender walks back to the bar, the rabbi begins to chant a prayer. The punk rolls his eyes and mutters under his breath, "shut up old man"...The bartender says "you can't speak to my customers that way." The punk downs his whiskey and says "sorry but the rabbi's a fuckin' douchebag." The republican says to the bartender, "get that asshole outta here!" The punk hears this and says "I may be an asshole, but at least I'm not a douchebag." The bartender turns to the republican and tells him "you're the asshole." Then the bartender and the punk beat the shit out of the republican. Then they kick the republican out of the bar. The rabbi then asks, "why did you kick that man out of the bar?" The punk replies "cuz he's a republican you fuckin' douchebag!" The bartender slams a bottle to the bar and says "I told you that you must respect my customers." The punk replies "I do respect your customers. I'm just saying that the rabbi is a douchebag." "OK you're outta here," says the bartender as he kicks the punk. The bartender apologizes to the rabbi and says "let me get you a drink on the house, what'll you have?" The rabbi replies "I'll have a vinegar and water."
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[27 Feb 2006|04:23am]

Yesterday I went into Providence cause I had a gift certificate to my favorite indipendent record store. I got the Strung Out "American Paradox" LP and that was real cool.

Oh yeah....I also got a fucking copy of NEVER TRUST A HIPPY! HA! It's definately not supposed to be out until next month but there it was. I asked the guy "How the hell do you guys already have this?" because they don't even get their merchandise from distributers. He just kinda shrugged. He thought it was strange too.

But the point is...I've got a copy of NOFX's new EP a little less than a month early and that rules.
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[24 Feb 2006|09:14pm]

anyone know where i can find the nofx cover of "iron man"? i had it at one point, but now it's gone. soo if you know where to find it, that would be rad. thanks!
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NOFX Song [17 Feb 2006|10:34am]

New NOFX song on the Fat Site.
http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/708 go here to check it out.
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nofx [31 Jan 2006|02:41pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

let me know if anyone else picked up on this...

i was listening to the Decline and i noticed that the verse about marijuana legalization ("jerry spent some time in michigan...") starts at exactly 4:20.

how ridiculous is that??

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[19 Jan 2006|06:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]

From Fat Wreck Chords:

Release Date:
March 14, 2006

Thing is, NOFX will be going to hell for this EP. 6 new tunes, 2 of which will be on their new record Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing.

( * from their upcoming full length Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing)

6 song CDEP

Track List MP3 Video Ringtone
1: Seeing Double At The Triple Rock *
2: The Marxist Brothers *
3: Golden Boys
4: You’re Wrong
5: Everything In Moderation (Especially Moderation)
6: I’m Going To Hell For This One

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[11 Dec 2005|03:38pm]

ummm.. NOFX is basically the best band in the world.
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sweet... [29 Nov 2005|03:10pm]

Thank you for using Ticketmaster.

Your order number is 17-*****/NY1.

You have ordered 2 tickets to :

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NOFX Tour [29 Nov 2005|03:23am]

Its about damn time NOFX toured the Northeast.. I'm going to two shows.

March 1st - BB Kings - New York, NY
March 3rd - The Palladium - Worcester, MA

Anyone else going?
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News on NOFX. [23 Nov 2005|01:30pm]

[ mood | good ]

This just in:

AltPress.com is reporting that SoCal skatepunk veterans NOFX have announced a wealth of details on their forthcoming album, Wolves in Wolves' Clothing.

The band will wrap up work on the album, slated for release in April 2006, next week. The disc is set to span 18 songs and 30 minutes, and will contain four songs from the band's recent 7" of the Month Club series, with three in re-recorded form: "Leaving Jesusland," "I'm Going to Hell for This One," "You're Wrong" and "You Lose Your Faith." Several other songs set to appear include "USA-holes" and the working-titled "Harpo, Groucho and Karl," the latter of which Fat Mike describes as "a hip-hop beat with ska/new-wave guitar and a Beatles melody."

In addition, the band has announced that they will embark on a headlining tour in February/March 2006 with label-mates the Lawrence Arms and the Loved Ones. Dates should be announced shortly.

NOFX released a retrospective last year on Epitaph titled The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us), and their last proper effort in 2003 on Fat, The War on Errorism.

- Hayato

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7"s What the fuck!? [01 Jul 2005|01:55am]

[ mood | confused ]

has anyone got any 7"s for a while? i've not had one since the "toilet dude" one with "there's no fun in fundamentalism" on it.

i'm trying to figure out if i'm getting fucked for import taxes or something and my records have gotten seized or the mailman is stealing them or something and what i can do about it.

i'm based in uk and i know fuck all about anything going on



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NOFX, June 22, 2005. [24 Jun 2005|02:14pm]

I just returned from my 20 hour each way bus trip to Canada to see the first night of NOFX in Toronto. Needless to say, it fucking amazing.
The first two bands sucked, Chicksdiggit, and Against Me.
Then it was time for NOFX.

The crowd was really drunk and had a gnarly mosh pit going well before the band came out, and it was fun. Then Fat Mike walks out on stage and every one yells, and he said "Well, were not going any wear" then they played THE ENTIRE DECLINE.
It was fucking awesome, and well done. They had these pre-set guitar tones so they could do the "Decline sound" when need be.

I was in the pit the whole time, but I tried to remember the set, I think I got most of the songs in order. I may of forgotten one or 2, and the order might not be prefect, but its pretty close.

The Decline - Mike said it was the first time that they have ever done the decline live.
Scavenger Type - They said the problem with doing The Decline first, makes the rest of the show seem boring. But they would try their best.
Linoleum - Mike said they kept their set-list from the last time they played Toronto, and are doing all songs that that they hadn't done there before. Mike Called this one "Easy, but a crowd pleaser"
Bleeding Heart Disease - "We have an album, Heavy Petting zoo, its not very good. But this song is okay."
Soul Doubt - "She knows what it's all aboot. I know she's been there soul doot."
Heart Is Yearning
Perfect Government
Drugs Are Good - El Hefe did they Howard Stern sounds at the beginning of the song, then the part about "this is not rockin" at the end.
Radio - "all our songs suck, so were going to play someone elses."
"The next few songs are off our 3rd best album. 3rd best... because 3rd's okay."
Franco Unamerican
Whoops I Od'd - there was music parts written for this, not just the bass line.
Murder the Government
Heroin Is Better In Canada - Mike said that he wrote this song a week ago.
Nubs - Nubs was standing on the side of the stage, then she came out. She had a red mohawk.
Reeko - Mike Played guitar, and Melvin played bass. Mike told the crowed that he gives himself a 40% chance of doing it right, because he cant sing and play guitar at the same time. They both played it right.
Separation of Church and Skate - Before hand, mike said this was his favorite NOFX song ever.
Idiot Son of an Asshole - After this song, they threw out guitar picks and walked off stage. Then did no encore.

Some random observations:

Mike had a different mixed drink after each song (i think, it looked like it anyway)

Mike: "What am i drinking? Root-Beer... Straight from Ireland"

Moshing before the show started was cool

Hefe played the trombone lines during The Decline

They had cool shirts in the merch booth, that were made for this show. they were dated with "june 22 2005"

Mike: asked "AM I the only one who thinks Melvin is getting fat? He used to have the 6 pack, now he's got the 7 pack."

Between songs Mike kept saying: "This is good, I like this." I'm not sure if he was talking about his mixed drinks, or the show, but he kept saying it.

The Song "Heroin is Better in Canada" was funny, i tried to remember the words:

The beer is better in Canada
The people are nicer in Canada
The hockey players are better in Canada
But America has better hockey teams.

The weed is better in Canada
The Prostitutes are cheaper in Canada
I hear the heroin is better in Canada
But America has better cocaine

The Ecstasy is stronger in Canada
I like the Parliament more in Canada
(I cant remember this line)
But America has better crack cocaine

This song was funny, and had cool music written for it.

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[18 Jun 2005|01:41am]

I just think a community based on this needs to exist.

Delete this if it's not allowed. I really don't care.

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[09 Jun 2005|01:53am]

I was listening to Jaw, Knee, Music the other day and it was the first time I ever really listened to the lyrics. They I thought back to that post about the refrences to other punk songs that was made about a year ago. So I checked back on it and I can't belive some of the refrences people missed.

So show me a little bit more faith guys. I know theres some here that can't be overlooked again. I really wanna see who knows these off the top of their heads. Go.

Johnny has a problem
Johnny is out of control
He had a TV party
With the kids in the black hole
Stealing people's mail
And lynching the landlord
Things to do when angry, young and bored

Johnny was only a lad
Johnny hates the scene
First he hit an old man
Then he hit and run Pauline
The record player spinning the best times
I never had
So why do my old records make me sad?

Cause they're so bad
And no one seems to understand
The glory of guitar
When out of tune
The off timing
The singers who can't sing
The beauty of punk

He's a teenage vegetable
listens to last resort
He's got PCP in his veins
He lives inside a quart
Johnny is a punk rocker
Johnny is he queer?
Johnny needed two bags
And a car to commandeer
Johnny wasn't liked much
But he had a lot of friends
Waits on stage
Eating ludes
A mindless brainwashed pig
Johnny was a good man
Till the day that he got shot
He had a jacked up chevy
That could blow you off the spot

Johnny always needs
More than he takes
Forgets a couple chords
Forgets a couple breaks
Johnny says he's bound
By only six strings to this world
Johnny questions sellout bands
And Johnny pux0rs Ritilin
And Johnny is an angry amputee
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i put this in more than one place [08 Jun 2005|12:33am]

i have a question/request for anyone in the toronto area.

would anyone be willing to put me and my friend up the night of june 21 and 22?

we are from iowa and are riding a bus to the nofx show and dont really have any money to stay in a hotel. and it would kick ass if you could help us.

we are two nice kids who aren't going to break your stuff, eat your food, fuck your sister ect. and your kindness will be repaid with dinner or beer or something.

and i would also be willing to sell you an extra ticket i have at cost, rather than the inflated price they have been going for on ebay.

if your interested please leave me a message.

thanks, kyle.
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